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Structured CablingSometimes overlooked, but nevertheless critical, network cabling makes it possible for network components (servers, AP’s, printers, POS registers, work stations, etc.) to function. CPT follows best practices for delivering structured cabling, thereby helping your organization achieve peak performance from all your network devices while minimizing downtime. Our implementation process includes:

  • Choosing the proper cabling for your organization (i.e. backbone cabling, wiring for a telecommunications room, etc.)
  • High prioritization of data center and work-station wiring to keep your network functioning correctly.
  • Expert installation of high quality materials
  • Rigorous testing
  • Labeling and documenting all the cables in your network to simplify system management and facilitate easier upgrades and expansions in the future

Plan for the future! Cabling infrastructure and installation from a CPT technician is designed with business growth in mind.

CPT's signature services include:

  • Voice & Data Networks
  • POS Systems
  • IP Networks & CCTV
  • Wireless Systems
  • Electrical Services
  • Technical Management
  • Break-Fix Services