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CCTVDo you have questions about today’s options for on-site security and surveillance? You may be astounded by the capabilities and likely surprised by the low cost. Here are three excellent reasons for having CPT install IP surveillance/ CCTV security for your organization:

  • Customer and employee safety – Sometimes it’s a dangerous world. Our video security systems let you monitor and respond to threats and provide customers and staff alike with a safer business environment.
  • Theft-loss prevention – Loss prevention is a critical issue for retail businesses, and that doesn’t just include “five-finger discounts” or an employee walking off with store property. Surveillance also combats scams like fraud by slip-and-fall artists. A CPT-built surveillance system can rapidly pay for itself many times over.
  • Video Analytics – How your customers move through your store can have a significant impact on where and what they buy and how much. Video analysis can help you better direct flow through your store to increase sales and improve the customer experience.

CPT offers cost-effective DVRs, coupled with cutting edge camera technology to provide a wide range of recording options. Additionally, our easy-to-use systems will be fully integrated with your IT network so you enjoy all the extended benefits.

CPT's signature services include:

  • Voice & Data Networks
  • POS Systems
  • IP Networks & CCTV
  • Wireless Systems
  • Electrical Services
  • Technical Management
  • Break-Fix Services