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Electrical ServicesIt’s easy to take electricity for granted … until the lights go out. And with so many different IT systems and devices dependent on that power, correct configuration of electrical systems is non-negotiable. Why should CPT handle your electrical service installation?

  • Perspective: The technology you use, as well as the electricity that powers it, are one system. Any trained electrician can get the power flowing, but he may not be well-versed with the specific requirements of your IT components, or take into account potential future energy demands.
  • Expertise: CPT uses only the most knowledgeable and highly skilled technicians to deploy electrical systems. We don’t simply take pride in our work; we view anything less than your absolute satisfaction as unacceptable.
  • Maintenance: When problems do crop up, you can’t afford to lose time and money figuring out what went wrong and why. Our intimate knowledge of your systems will enable faster resolution of issues so you get back to business more quickly.

Everything depends on electricity—from lobby lights to computer archives. Put your electrical systems in the hands of installation specialists who bring it all together in optimized business operations.

CPT's signature services include:

  • Voice & Data Networks
  • POS Systems
  • IP Networks & CCTV
  • Wireless Systems
  • Electrical Services
  • Technical Management
  • Break-Fix Services